Creative Confessions is initiated and built by

It’s Friendly

in collaboration with a group of creatives and thinkers with

great passion for creativity, human psychology and social impact!

The production is based on collaboration and inclusivity, with people and studios from different areas of the world. If you feel like joining the team (as an independent creative or a studio),

send us an email

with a few words on how you would like to participate, and we’ll be in touch!

Hi Veronica Mike!

Creative Director & Strategist
It’s Friendly Founder

Hello Joshua Schneider!

Creative Director
It’s Friendly Co-Founder

Thea Mikkelsen

Psychologist & Executive Coach

Pia von Hirsh

Psychologist & Author

Creative Brands

Ida Evita

Social Impact Consultant

Jana Papiernikova

Brand Designer

Daniel Soares

Director & Photographer 

Production Company

Veronika Artiuschenko
Animation Video