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Creative Confessions is initiated and built by a group of creatives and thinkers with great passion for creativity, human psychology and social impact! The production is based on collaboration and inclusivity, with people and studios from different areas of the world. If you feel like joining the team (as an independent creative or a studio), send us an email with a few words on how you would like to participate, and we’ll be in touch! 

Veronica Mike

Founding Creative Director

Veronica Mike is a social entrepreneur and creative director with great passion for human psychology and design thinking. She has a BA in Art Direction and is the founder and previous creative director and chief editor of A New Type of Imprint (Best Design Media 2018) at Oslo based ANTI, from where she resigned in August 2018 to make Creative Confessions come to life. Mike is an engaged creative; she has received several awards and nominations for her work, represents Norway in two international design awards and is a frequent keynote lecturer in design and creative thinking. Earlier this year she founded It’s Friendly; a small studio creating people-friendly projects promoting a more open, inclusive and sustainable way of educating, working and living. Creative Confessions is first one out.

Pia von Hirsch

Consultant & Psychologist (PsyD)

Pia von Hirsch is a psychologist (PsyD) with great passion for human psychology, a holistic approach to health and prevention. As well as doing therapeutic work with individuals, groups and couples, leading courses and giving lectures to clients, she has a lot of experience counselling, training and educating other healthcare professionals, and from work life psychology; counselling leaders and teams to build better organisations. Pia is also an engaged writer and author, often addressing themes such as solidarity, equality and justice—always spreading knowledge about our shared psychology and promoting a present, couscous, loving and thoughtful lifestyle.

Jana Papiernikova

Brand Designer

Jana Papiernikova is a graphic designer from Slovakia with great passion for branding, typography and editorial design. She believes in truthful concepts and the beauty in them. After getting her BA in Visual Communication from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, she worked as a graphic designer in New York City, before heading to Norway and ANTI Bergen. Jana is an engaged and curious designer, and has spent her weekends and nights developing the brand design for Creative Confessions.

Daniel Soares


Daniel Soares is an independent filmmaker, photographer and creative director with a mission to create meaningful pieces that impact people’s lives. Daniel grew up in Germany and Portugal, but have been living in the NYC since 2013, where he’s been working for clients like Droga5, VICELAND, Anomaly and Mother. He has received a massive amount of shiny trophies (latest: Young Gun 15 winner in 2017), and his work has been exhibited at the International Center of Photography and featured on ABC News, The Guardian, Mashable, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. Daniel is obsessed with people, their quirks, passions, and dreams. The weirder, the better.

Ida Evita 

Researcher & Consultant

Ida is a social entrepreneur with a BA in Culture and Communication specialised in psychology from the University of Oslo and has been working as a social educator ever since. Her main focus is social inclusion and exclusion, and majority and minority perspectives. Ida’s experience also includes projects focusing on drugs and mental health, prevention of radicalisation and extremism, discrimination and racism. In 2012 she was hired to build and run Unge LEVE—the only organisation in Norway dedicated to helping young people cope and recover after losing someone to suicide.


Production Company

Voyager is a Brooklyn and LA based production company founded by Charles Frank in 2015. They quickly established themselves as an incubator for new talent, garnering its directors awards at D&AD, Cannes, One Screen and CLIOs, in addition to eleven Vimeo Staff Picks. Voyager’s roster consists of Executive Producer/Partner Andrew Hutcheson, Head of Production Alissa Feldau, Managing Partner David Brickel, Director/Partner Charles Frank, Director/Editor Caitlyn Green, Cinematic Storyteller Marcus Tortorici and Experimental Documentarian Andrew Litten

Anabella Zubillaga

Animation & CG Producer

Anabella Zubillaga is an independent animation and CG producer with an extensive experience in managing resources, budgets, actualizing, logistics, schedules, and documentation of projects. Anabella is originally from Venezuela, but has been living in Brooklyn since the early 2000, working for studios like BUCK and Hogarth Worldwide.

Creative Brands


Creative Brands is a Russian-based studio founded by a group of friends in the early 2000, and consists of Founding Art Director Stas, Co-founder/Head of Sales Roman, Designer/Illustrator Anastasia, Illustrator Alina, Illustrator Nadejda and Project Manager Yuri. Creative Brands is specialised in branding, digital design and animation, and their work is always deeply rooted in concept and storytelling. The illustrations for Creative Confessions was passionately developed by the whole studio.

Veronika Artiuschenko

Graphic Designer

Originally from Ukraine/Belarus, Veronika is a graphic designer based in Norway, currently a part of the ANTI Bergen design team. With experience in concept development, identity and motion, she has a special interest in experimental and generative design. Veronika is always up to new challenges and knowledge, and likes exploring new areas in her spare time; such as the Kickstarter video and animations for Creative Confessions.