Can Help

To truly make a difference, we are urging stakeholders everywhere to acknowledge the inevitable link between mental health and creativity. Companies need to build more open and safe environments, leaders need to become more empathetic, we need better support systems at all creative institutions. But first, we need to fight stigma, and that is a job for all of us.


Creative Confessions Pledge & Guidelines

will help you take better care for yourself and others, help end stigma and build a more people-friendly and sustainable creative industry.


& Guidelines

I’m want to

become an advocate for change

and therefore

  • I will be

    open, friendly



    to the people around me.

  • I will

    learn more about mental health

    to better help myself and others.

  • I will

    dare to ask and listen

    if I think my colleagues or friends are struggling.

  • I will share my own experiences

    with mental health to help others feel less lonely and abnormal.

  • I will

    be conscious of my language


    and not use mental health conditions as adjectives.

  • I will

    fight workaholism

    by encouraging downtime, vacation and “doing human things”.

  • I will

    lead with empathy

    , both OOO and at work.

  • I will

    treat myself as I would treat others

    , give myself some slack and not harbor self-stigma. 


Help struggling creatives feel less lonely and abnormal

by sharing your own experiences with creativity and mental health. And remember:

your mind is your most important tool—

take care of it and reach out to professionals if you need it. We all deserve a balanced mind.